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¡Viva Cancun! From Street Tacos to Luxurious Dining Experiences

Updated: Jun 11

Hey y'all! Planning a trip to Cancun? You're in for an awesome time. Whether you’re hitting the beach, diving into the nightlife, or hunting for amazing food, Cancun has it all. I recently got to play the cool auntie on a trip to celebrate my best friend’s niece’s 25th birthday. With eight of us in the group, we decided to let everyone pick our dining spots, and it turned out perfect! From devouring the best street tacos to chilling at an adults-only resort and having a blast at Taboo Restaurant, our Cancun trip was packed with delicious food and great vibes.

Let me tell you about the highlights of our foodie adventures, including must-visit spots like Royalton CHIC Cancun, Taboo Restaurant, and some amazing street food gems. And by the way, if you want to see the highlights of our adventures in realtime, check out my IG stories.


Royalton CHIC Cancun

If you love to party and enjoy that adults-only vibe, Royalton CHIC Cancun might be the perfect destination for you. They keep the drinks flowing, pollo on the grill, and rotating flavors of some really good ice cream. Trust me, when that Cancun heat hits, you'll want to dig into a heaping ice-cold scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with sugar cookies. 🍦🌞 The oceanfront views from the room balconies and beachfront access with lounge chairs under palm trees make me happy every time. 


Dining at Taboo Restaurant in Cancun

I have to be honest—I wasn't sure what to expect from the restaurants in Cancun. We all know the street food is incredible because, really, can you go wrong with street tacos? But dining out with a large group of eight, we wanted something special. And that’s exactly what we found at Taboo Restaurant.

Taboo Restaurant is where nightlife meets luxury, culinary excellence, live music, and high energy. From the moment you step in, you’re greeted with oceanfront views and a vibrant atmosphere complete with sparklers and live performances. The vibe is sheer perfection.

But let’s talk about the food—phenomenal doesn’t even begin to describe it. My personal favorites were the spicy feta and the meatballs. These dishes were mind-blowingly good. OMG, I almost forgot to mention the flatbread bread. All of my carb lovers will appreciate me for letting you know the flatbread is to die for it.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a large group, Taboo Restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience that combines great food, music, and stunning views. Next time you’re in Cancun, make sure to add Taboo Restaurant to your must-visit list. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


Authentic Street Food Adventures in Cancun

No trip to Cancun is complete without some authentic street food. I'm always on the hunt for folks mixing masa by hand, roasting mouthwatering al pastor over an open flame, and using knives that look more like machetes to chop up carnitas. And guess what? I found all of the above in Cancun.

Los Chachalocas: A Hidden Gem

First up, Los Chachalocas. This place has a beautiful appeal with open flames and staff waiting for the smell of roasted pork to draw in tourists. At first, I was a bit skeptical since it’s right around the corner from Hooters and Starbucks—talk about tourist trap vibes. But boy, was I wrong. The chorizo tacos here are some of the best I’ve had in years! Flavorful, perfectly charred, and the chorizo-to-tortilla ratio was spot on. Served true street-style: just meat and tortilla. On your next trip to Cancun, you’ve got to try the chorizo tacos, al pastor tacos, and pollo tacos at Los Chachalocas.

El Polilla: Authenticity at Its Best

El Polilla was our last stop before heading to the airport. About a 15-minute drive from the hotel, this tiny hole-in-the-wall spot is a local favorite. When you get there, you order from a sweet lady behind a mesh screen, pay, and then watch the chef chop up carnitas with a machete. The carnitas are served on warm, soft tortillas, making for the perfect taco. I like my tacos with a bit of spice, so I added a scoop of homemade salsa made from roughly chopped tomatillo, habanero, and lime. It was taco perfection. #LocalFoodAtItsFinest

Whether you’re a street food enthusiast or just looking for a memorable meal, these spots are must-visits. Los Chachalocas and El Polilla offer an authentic taste of Cancun that you won't find anywhere else.

Until next time!

Jessica Nichole, PhD



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