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Jessica Nichole

Introducing Jessica Nichole, the brilliant mind behind Simplie Golden: a visionary host of the popular podcast "Bookshelf Therapy" and the mastermind executive producer of the hit web series "Eat Like a Lady." With over 1 million views on their channel, Jessica ingeniously merges literature, music, travel, and culinary experiences, expertly reimagining places and spaces beyond the conventional. Her true passion lies in using the art of storytelling to offer narratives that provide insight and spiritual healing, showcasing a profound love for utilizing her gift as a writer to touch the hearts and minds of her audience, offering a unique and transformative experience.

What sets her apart is her ability to go beyond a fantastic photo that captures the look, character, or ambiance of a particular place. She aims to help listeners recall the scents of a buzzing flower garden in spring, the wonder of first glimpsing Machu Picchu, the touch of a tropical breeze, or the excitement of a hotel bar. Through her podcast, she strives to engage all the senses, sparking an immersive experience that inspires audiences to travel to the places she narrates.

At the heart of her work lies the talent for reshaping places and concepts, gently challenging assumptions, fears, societal norms, and expectations. Drawing from her passions—travel, culinary experiences, storytelling, and music—she crafts from a vivid imagination, offering a unique lens to the world.

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